Baio "The Names" (video)

Baio 'The Names' (video)
Prior to kicking off his current tour, Vampire Weekend's Chris Baio spent some time in London's Crystal Palace Park with a skull in his hands, as we're all wont to do from time to time. His stroll through the scenery happened to be filmed, and is now acting as a promo clip behind the title track to his Baio project's recent debut LP, The Names. You can see his day in the park online.

Backed by the album's synth-and-beat popscape, the video finds a dapper-lookin' Baio exploring the scene, whether crouched in front of tiny sphinxes, marching past waterfront scenes, or posing between stationery animal statues. At one point, as you can see up above, he's sandwiched between a hairy ape and the skinless skull, apparently pondering life, death and evolution.

The video isn't actually all that serious, and you can catch the rest of the fun down below.

As previously reported, Baio's world tour in support of The Names hits Vancouver this Friday (February 5) and Montreal next week. You'll find the date and venue details here.