Baio "Endless Rhythm" (lyric video)

Baio 'Endless Rhythm' (lyric video)
Don't even bother criticizing the lyrics to Baio's new solo song "Endless Rhythm," since the Vampire Weekend bassist has already beaten you to the punch.

The song is a plinky, chirpy pop number on which a bright and bubbly synth-rock arrangement is flecked with tropical textures, and Baio admits, "I never heard a lyric that I really liked / Every lyric I've written is a lyric I despise." Given this self-deprecating confession, it's rather ironic that the song is accompanied by a lyric video, as the words pop up on the bottom of the screen while we see shots of Los Angeles. This was directed by Daniel Navetta and Tyler Haft.

Baio shared this statement about the song [via Stereogum]:

During an unseasonably warm weekend in March 2014 I fell in love with a painting in London's Tate Modern. I spent about ten minutes getting lost in it before realizing its title, Endless Rhythm, was musical. The painting got me thinking about making a song — the highs & lows, frustrations & breakthroughs that have always accompanied the process of making music for me.

Over the course of about six months I worked on this song, periodically re-visiting the painting while listening to the track in progress on loop. It was the last thing I wrote for the album, so the line "I can wait for you like it's what I want to do" is a reference to knowing I needed one last song for The Names and having to wait for it to come. It may sound a bit corny to say but  "Endless Rhythm" is my love-letter to art & the artistic process. Hope you dig it!

Check it out below. Baio's album The Names arrives on September 18 through Glassnote.