Backburner "Bottle Caps" (video)

Backburner 'Bottle Caps' (video)
Canadian hip-hop crew Backburner are stepping forward to deliver their fresh new album Eclipse today (March 17), and to coincide with the release, Exclaim! has got your exclusive first look at the video for "Bottle Caps."
Appropriately for a St. Paddy's Day release, the track is an ode to alcohol, with the video following suit. The booze-fuelled number features rhymes from Timbuktu, Savilion, Jay Bizzy, Ghettosocks, Wordburglar and Chokeules, atop Beatsmason's production and turntabling courtesy of Uncle Fes.
With such a rambunctious group turning up, it's no surprise that the video turns into a party. It's not just the titular bottles that get these guys going — blenders, mason jars and cans do their part to keep the beer flowing and the beats bumping. The footage was directed by Dan Jardine.
Join in the fun by giving the new video for "Bottle Caps" a watch below. Eclipse is available now via Hand Solo Records, and you can grab it here on Bandcamp.