Baby Mammoth, Beige & Solid Doctor / Various Fabric 18

Representing Kingston-upon-Hull, these three artists, known for their work in various line-ups under these names and others, including Fila Brazilia, weave a variety of funky tunes, starting off with a cool down-tempo vibe, before moving through house, electro, break beats and even a bit of rock. They place a lot of emphasis on funky, looped bass lines, coupled with melodies from various wind instruments, including trumpets, saxophones and clarinets. Most of the tracks are by the three, in various incarnations, and many are unreleased, giving it almost an artist album feel, if they weren’t so able at switching genres. But it’s a mix, first and foremost, and I’d dance to it. Top tracks include Baby Mammoth’s smooth and silky opener "Elephunk,” the cool clarinet-assisted break beats of Momma Gravy’s "Sizzling Finch,” and the absolutely hilarious "Stick It In T’Middle,” with a helium-voiced man repeating the title (you can figure it out) over some quirky beats. (Fabric)