Baby Mammoth, Beige & Solid Doctor / Various Fabric 18

You know when you’ve seen someone around the scene for ages and know they’re terribly interesting, but when you’re finally introduced you simply don’t click? That’s what this comp is like for me — it’s cool and well put together, but doesn’t jumpstart my bones. The mix of rounded electro, lean house, bastard lounge and slight techno occupies a musical space looking towards the dry outer reaches of the dance floor without actually going there. The first three sequential Momma Gravy songs sound completely unalike, ranging from spacey lounge to Lou-Reed-esque rock to early hip-hop beats paired with mysterious melodies and large-but-light bass lines. The obvious and thrilling standout here is JJ Fuchs’ "Stick it in T’Middle,” made so infectious by the bouncy and brisk electro-lounge and the compellingly frantic vocals. The last four tracks, including JJ Fuchs’ cut, are the best of the bunch. If this compilation was furniture it would be modernist: clean lines, nice to look at, tasteful, but not always what I’m in the mood for. (Fabric)