Baby Dee

Regifted Light

BY Michael EdwardsPublished Mar 22, 2011

Apparently, Andrew W.K. gave his Steinway Grand Piano to Baby Dee when it wouldn't fit in his new apartment ― she had made such beautiful music on it that he couldn't imagine anyone else having it. And when it was moved to her Cleveland home, he offered to produce and mix her new album, where the piano would be the main focus. Needless to say, Regifted Light is the quietest, most thoughtful record W.K. has ever been involved with. Regifted Light is a hard release to classify simply because Baby Dee is one of those unconventional artists that doesn't feel any obligation to fit in. Much of the record comes down to Dee and the piano, and that's not a bad thing. There's grandeur to her playing and the instrumental tracks are wonderfully pretty. The addition of a voice is initially jarring, due to its theatrical tone, which is not a million miles from Antony Hegarty, but the sincerity of the delivery helps overcome that, even if those songs can't compare with the elegant simplicity of a person sitting at a piano.
(Drag City)

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