B Movie Rats Bad For You

Playing it hard, fast and sweaty, these guys come off like a Southern fried Humpers, and are right in step with the current crop of rock revolutionaries like Electric Frankenstein and Nashville Pussy. They have a little more working for them melodically than most of these other bands and that definitely adds extra juice to their attack. The back-up vocals are strong and catchy but they never get in the way of the blazing guitar lines, as on the standout track "Living On the Outside." Even at their most speedy, like on "Smoke," they sound more like Rose Tattoo than most bands do when they're covering a Rose Tattoo song, which just shows that they can keep their boogie grooves intact at all velocities. The lyrics deal with a lot of the usual booze and girls type stuff, but they never get too silly or fantastic. Like with most stripped-down heavy rock acts, about a half-an-hour is the optimal listening length, which brings us to this albums only real weakness. It could have been about three songs shorter. (Junk)