B-Girls Make Some Noise MAGAZINE

WAH Magazine is a hip-hop publication written by girls for girls, but don't get it twisted: this isn't the rap equivalent of Teen People. Sure there's some talk about fashion, jewellery and the men of hip-hop they fancy, but WAH is educated about their history and they celebrate the women who are making moves rather than groaning about the latest champagne-poured-on-bikini music video. In their debut issue this London, England-based magazine champions the innovators on the mic, from Sha-Rock to Roxanne Shante, as well as covering the other elements that women are locking down, from the cross-fader to the dance floor. "It's for the lone girl at the cyphers, standing on the edge waiting for her turn or the girl silently going out to paint walls on her own," states talented publisher, editor and art director Sharmadean Reid. And the best thing about WAH? You can download all 53 pages for free from www.wah-magazine.com.