Azari & III Compile 'Body Language' Mix

Azari & III Compile 'Body Language' Mix
We may not have details for a follow-up to their beloved self-titled debut just yet, but Toronto electronic outfit Azari & III are giving us a handful of new treats. Following an EP earlier this year, the group have compiled a techno compilation for Get Physical's ongoing Body Language series.

Though they currently boast a larger lineup, this mix sees Azari & III shrunk down to their original two members (and respective namesakes) Alixander III and Dinamo Azari. Each member mixed his own disc on the two-CD comp.

For disc one, Azari explains that he chose tracks that were "too hard for the day, too soft for the night." These include selections from Shed, Daphni, Acid Jesus, Moire and many others. Alixander III, for his part, says his contribution "was born from memories of cassette mix tapes from my early '90s industrial/rave days."

Check out the tracklisting for the duo's Body Language mix below. The compilation will be available on September 27 digitally, with a CD version dropping on October 18.

Body Language Vol. 13:

Disc 1: Dinamo Azari:

1. "Intro"
2. Shed - "44A (Hard Wax Forever)"
3. Locked Groove - "Lost "
4. Locussolus - "Berghain"
5. Streetwalker - "The Nymph"
6. Barnt - "Geffen"
7. Daphni - "Light"
8. Acid Jesus - "Radium"
9. Tommy Four Seven - "Track 5 (Robert Hood Remix)"
10. Unknown - "Test"
11. Perspects - "They Keep Dancing"
12. Moire - "Drugs"
13. Samo DJ - "Leggo"
14. Unknown - "S.Y.S"
15. "Outro"

Alixander III mix:

1. Acid Junkies - "Weird-O-Eight"
2. Jahiliyya Fields - "White Cabbage"
3. Blood Diamonds - "Phone Sex" ft. Grimes
4. Origami Suicide - "Sweet Blasphemies"
5. Teste - "The Wipe"
6. Electric Mistress - "Manhattan Ave"
7. Alixander III - "In A Vacuum"
8. Planetary Assault Systems - "Suktion"
9. Gazelle Twin - "Heartbeat"
10. Plastikman - "Plasticene"
11. Azari & III - "Change Of Heart"
12. Scuba - "Underbelly"
13. Alixander III & Hugues St. Amour - "3rd Bi-Annual M-nority Report"
14. Gazelle Twin - "Heartbeat"