Guns N' Roses Tour Already Hits a Major Snag as Axl Rose Breaks His Foot

Guns N' Roses Tour Already Hits a Major Snag as Axl Rose Breaks His Foot
Only one show into their reunion, Guns N' Roses have run into a bit of bad luck — Axl Rose has broken his foot.

Axl tweeted out the news today (April 8), confirming that he recently fractured the fifth metatarsal on the outside of his left foot. A video finds Dr. Rachel Triche, an orthopedic surgeon in Santa Monica, explaining that Rose underwent an open reduction internal fixation. Doctors realigned the broken bones and are keeping them in place with a plate and screws.

Despite Rose's injury, Dr. Triche explained that the band's stage show at tonight's performance at Las Vegas' T Mobile Arena has been reconfigured so "he can perform for everyone still." She added that the singer will be limiting the amount of weigh he'll be putting on the front part of his left foot for four weeks.

Though the specifics on how Rose broke his foot are unclear, it's suggested in his tweet that rocking out last week at Hollywood venue the Troubadour did a number on him. He wrote: "This is what can happen when you do something you haven't done in nearly over 23 years."

You'll find the video explaining Rose's injury below. There, you'll also find an ages-old video of Rose being fitted for a cast. Interestingly, the scene plays out with AC/DC's "Highway to Hell" playing in the background. Though it has yet to be confirmed officially, there are some strong hints out there that Rose may be singing a few gigs with the Aussie rockers later this year.

The dates for Guns N' Roses' "Not in This Lifetime Tour," including a stop in Toronto, can be found here.