Austra "Hurt Me Now" (video)

Austra 'Hurt Me Now' (video)
Austra will be touring in Australia next month, but here's something that their fans at home in Canada — and all around the world — can enjoy. It's a music video for "Hurt Me Now" from last year's Olympia.

The clip for this dramatic electronic pop number was directed by M. Blash, and it's an unusual one, as we see the group perform in some sort of a dance studio while a green-tinted woman dances around the room. There are also some slightly head-scratching moments involving a woman in a white dress, a dude on a dirt bike, and singer Katie Stelmanis walking with a crowd of teenage boys.

Stelmanis said in a statement, "Working with M. Blash is a rare experience. I like to give him a song and let him do whatever he wants cause when his mindflow is undisturbed the results are psychedelic and matchless."

Watch the clip below [via Dazed Digital].

Olympia is out through Paper Bag Records.