August Alsina "FML" (ft. Pusha T) (video)

August Alsina 'FML' (ft. Pusha T) (video)
For many, the FML (or fuck my life) tag is generally a lighthearted observation, but R&B singer August Alsina has given his recent single of the same name a very serious video on the topic of suicide and hopelessness.

The clip for the Testimony track first finds guest rapper Pusha T making his way past police tape to find out the grisly and, in a sense ghostly, results of a weight-pushing scenario. Alsina is seen contemplating his direction in various scenes, either burning up bills outdoors or prepping a necktie at home. There's not too much to spoil as he's hanging from the rafters straight-away, singing "Fuck My Life."

You'll find the video, which caps with Alsina's written message of "When there seems to be no way forward in life, you have to make a way," down below.