Audubon Park Teenage Horses

The best way to explain Audubon Park might be to imagine an acoustic guitar that has gum, tar and maybe even some cheesy ’90s stickers on it. The gum is like the trebly sounds of high and low frequencies (think aliens) that are the undertones to the sometimes-erratic guitar playing and insecure-sounding vocals. The tar is the dark current of much of the songs, combining the awkward twists of love and hate, explained through ballads that are accompanied by instruments such as keys, saxophone, violin and other sounds that are muddled into upbeat rhythms. The cheesy ’90s stickers are just meant to throw you off! But, the adhesive behind the stickers is kind of like the fluidity that runs throughout the album, as one can definitely find variety, but it is complemented with what might best be imagined as the helium used to fill a balloon. Together they create a strange sound, much like when people inhale that gas, and yet one can listen to the sound over and over again and still find it intriguing and wonder how the strangeness was discovered. (Pox World Empire)