Atomic Cosmonaut A Strange Planet

Erik Culp, aka the Atomic Cosmonaut, possesses magical powers that make you want to eat and fuck his sounds until there is nothing left but a puddle of bliss that is so fertile that it can be impregnate any gender whist fully clothed, and without the need for physical penetration. This talented bloke is Canada's next important export to the film soundtrack and pop rock world, and definitely the best composer since the equally exotically cosmic Mychael Danna. Lightly inspired by the 1972 animated classic Fantastic Planet, Culp (with three-dimensional sound design by Elma Bello and augmented by members of Chore) doses and kidnaps the listener, strapping them in a bizarre nuclear vehicle, taking them on an eerie keyboard voyage through the backwoods of space. An instructional eight-track cassette is played for the victim; it contains gaseous music from melted together tapes that could have originally been encoded with the sounds of 1969-era Pink Floyd, 1978 Gary Numan and the ageless Godspeed You Black Emperor!, wrapped around sounds of surreal nature television shows. New breeds of flying birds are heard; detuning strings and wings, processing them with electricity and letting them fly away, trembling in tremolo. There are so many unexpected twists that at one point the listener might find themselves tripping hard to an ambient arctic Bill Laswell-type dub-inspired number before falling into a very cool jam ride, then getting out of said vehicle to stop and calm down and watch a couple of fishermen in spacesuits on a lake in Neptune. When you finally come down and crash, you might find yourself joyfully weeping inside some kind of lonely Spanish western. Bravo! This one made me cum. (Independent)