Atlon Inc. Main Things

Atlon Inc. (aka Rob Acid) is part of the Force Inc. crew, though apart from the name you wouldn't know it since there is little or no click-dub going on, but a whole lot of booty-shaking minimal and tech-house. Rob Acid has been producing for well over a decade and his instinct for exceptional production is evident. On its own, Main Things is disjointed since the tracks call out for the context that a DJ can provide, but that does not mean these tracks are not first rate. I can envision these cuts blended in with some fine Detroit techno and arranged by more forward-thinking DJs as the music rumbles through club speakers. From that viewpoint it would be more practical to get these tracks on to twelve-inch as a DJ tool instead of CD. The rhythm and sound on Main Things is sometimes stoic yet often veers into an up-tempo dance swing with bits of soul that possesses a mysterious hypnotic quality - analogies that come to mind would be Algorythym and Brommage Dub. (Force Inc.)