At the Drive-in, Mastodon, Queens of the Stone Age Members Team Up as Gone Is Gone

At the Drive-in, Mastodon, Queens of the Stone Age Members Team Up as Gone Is Gone
While At the Drive-In drummer Tony Hajjar has been plenty busy with the band's 2016 reunion tour, he's also about ready to play his first show with a long-gestating supergroup called Gone Is Gone. Also featuring members of Mastodon and Queens of the Stone Age, the act make their onstage debut in L.A. this month.

Comprising Hajjar, QOTSA guitarist Troy Van Leeuwen, Mastodon bassist/vocalist Troy Sanders and keyboardist-guitarist Mike Zarin, the quartet will perform their first concert April 27 at Los Angeles' Dragonfly venue. Gone Is Gone will be playing material from a forthcoming EP that will be issued this summer through the band, in partnership with Rise Records/BMG.

While the song and street date details have yet to arrive in full, you can get a taste of the record's "Violescent" in a teaser down below, courtesy of Rolling Stone.

An interview with the band explains that Hajjar and Zarin have been working on film and videogame scores together since 2009, but brought Leeuwen aboard for a project around 2012. The three musicians jammed and arranged the music for the EP ahead of tapping Mastodon member Sanders to add vocals. They prepped 20 songs, with 13 of those expected to appear on an LP somewhere down the line.

"The vibe from day one was, and has been, very therapeutic and refreshing for me," Sanders told Rolling Stone. "The chemistry was immediate. I can only dedicate myself to something that rewards me purely, and we are all in this for the right reasons."

With its members performing in a number of high profile groups, Hajjar has noted that Gone Is Gone "is a project that can live even when we are working with our other entities as well."

He added: "The goal is to be able to compose remotely, if needed, on film, trailers, or on anything else that comes up.... It feels good to know that all this music will see the light of day soon."

As for Hajjar's duties with At the Drive-In, the band's reunion tour starts up again in May and will cross over into Canada for shows in Vancouver and Toronto by June. You'll find a full schedule over here.