Astral Social Club Neon Pibroch

In the future, when cryogenic stasis becomes reality, Astral Social Club will provide the soundtrack. A purveyor of extraterrestrial post-techno and ambient electronic shimmer, Neil Campbell — the lone member of Astral Social Club — utilises an arsenal of heavily processed sound to craft music fit for extended periods of uninterrupted meditation. Campbell has been active in the UK psychedelic underground for decades as a member of out-folk improv unit Vibracathedral Orchestra, and has collaborated with such heavy hitters as Matthew Bower (Sunroof!, Hototogisu), Richard Youngs and Tirath Singh Nirmala. His solo work echoes Bower’s, in that it pushes dense synthetic drone far into the future, bending enigmatic tones into hypnotic crystalline structures. Neon Pibroch finds Campbell fusing his traditionally arrhythmic gurgle to a 4/4 dance beat. Propulsive yet entrancing, the resulting miasma will appeal to chill-out room loiterers and bong-holding space invaders alike. (Important)