"Turgid Waters" (video)

BY Alan RantaPublished Apr 19, 2016

Having risen up the ranks of Vancouver's metal scene over the course of three EPs released since 2012, the progressive sludge metal quartet known as Astrakhan are finally ready to drop their debut full-length. Reward in Purpose is slated for CD and vinyl release on June 10, care of a collaboration between War on Music/Sunmask Records, and you can get a taste of what to expect via the new video for the album's "Turgid Waters."

Featuring Jerome Brewer on drums and Adam Young on guitar, with bassist Dustan Toth and guitarist Rob Zawistowski splitting vocals, Astrakhan have been working on this album for the past two years. Ensuring its fidelity, Jesse Gander recorded and Stu McKillop mastered Reward in Purpose at Rain City Recorders, while the band looked inward for its theme.

As the press release states, "This album explores the perceptions and experience of the band over the last few years together and culminates with the realization that the true reward for which we search with any passionate endeavour is ultimately a matter of experiencing the highs and lows that come with the pursuit of pure expression. It is simply a matter being occupied with something that matters to you."

All of the band's talent and vision are on display in the video for "Turgid Waters." The visuals are as good as anything the hard end of the rock spectrum came up with in the early '90s: a black-and-white affair with tastefully employed digital and stop-motion effects that frame a murderous, cursed magic tale with traces of Through the Looking-Glass. It's the perfect setting for the group's dual lead guitar attack and overlaid vocals, driving guttural riffs, and anvil-crumbling percussion, a fierce and crisp sonic attack.

Check out the video for "Turgid Waters" below.

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