Askii Disco Askii Disco

With the deluge of electronic acts finding their way out of home computers everywhere, it’s getting harder and harder to separate the wheat from the chaff. Here’s another one thinking he could be the next Electronic Idol. German Katt D.D Rokk, after spending years with a guitar in other bands, is trying his hand at electro-pop. While many of the songs seem to be on a loop and repeat and repeat and repeat, and some are longer than they need to be, Rokk knows when to throw in something you can stomp to without having to have a brain full of so much chemical enhancement that you’re too numbed out to know any better. Overall it isn’t anything new, but he partially wins me over with the touches of late ’80s New Beat acts and synth pop decadence. Fuzzy acid house chord progressions and catchy hooks make for a few that’ll easily fill a dance floor. "Jerk Your Body to the Beat” builds gradually in true acid house fashion and keeps that danceable 125 BPM pumping consistently as the synth spirals steadily around them. Vocals are robotic when there at all, but Rokk’s interest here is on the fuzzy blips and bleeps and thumping programmed beats. Electroclashers will like this one for doin’ the robot, but for home use, one really needs only so much. (Metropolis)