Walkin Target

BY Romina WendellPublished Jan 23, 2008

Sauntering in on the sub-signal foundation, there’s a new dub player in town. A force to be reckoned with, Italian bassist Ashtech rides in on the slick production of fellow dub compatriot and countryman Gaudi. Deep dub beats reign supreme and Walkin Target is nice and heavy. Free from overly melodic or electro elements, this debut outing is true to its roots, and both traditionalists and bass-addicted dub-step kids should enjoy the low frequency onslaught. Leaving no doubt that the bass line is the star, Gaudi’s smooth production never over-accessorises the groove, and the vocals by Cheshire Cat, best known for Leftfield’s "Chant of A Poor Man,” keep the roots flavour strong, especially through the twang and gunshots of "Beat Da Drum Gringo.” Occasionally, there is an ambient divergence — "R.E.M” seems to walk in from another album altogether. However, all said, it gives the ears enough of a break to be able to appreciate the return of the low frequency drop.

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