As I Lay Dying's Guitarist Gets Nailed With Whiskey Bottle

As I Lay Dying's Guitarist Gets Nailed With Whiskey Bottle
Normally throwing bottles at other people is reserved for a drunken row in the bar, but occasionally it can still happen at a concert. A recent incident has left As I Lay Dying's guitarist Nick Hipa keeping his eyes peeled while he's on stage from now on. During the band's recent performance in Sydney, Australia, an empty Maker's Mark whiskey bottle was thrown on stage, striking him in the head. The Christian metalcore outfit had to stop playing and were not allowed to start again because the EMT person felt it wasn't safe for Hipa to continue. Here is his statement found on the band's MySpace blog:

So last night I got hit in the head by an empty glass Maker's Mark bottle. While it did stun and disorient me, I am completely fine. Lucky for me the bottle was huge so it didn't break and I have no need for stitches. I'm sorry we had to stop our set but I was quite discombobulated for a good while, and more importantly the EMT dude wouldn't let me play because my head was bleeding quite a bit... or some sort of mumbo jumbo like that. I am happy to say that aside from having a bulbous lump and cut on top of my skull, I'm in good health and feeling like a gladiator. Thank you to everyone who has been expressing concern though, I really appreciate it : ) Nick.

As I Lay Dying return to their tour tomorrow night (February 27) when they play Melbourne with Still Remains, Fall of Troy and Haste the Day. The band return to Canada in April stretching through May.

Here are the tour dates:

4/29 Croation Cultural Center, Vancouver BC
4/30 The Habitat, Kelowna, BC
5/1 MacEwan Ballroom, Calgary, AB
5/3 Starlite, Edmonton AB
5/4 Distrikt, Regina SK
5/5 The Garrick, Winnipeg MB
5/13 The Embassy, London ON
5/14 The Phoenix Concert Theatre, Toronto ON
5/15 Babylon, Ottawa ON
5/16 Le National, Montreal QC
5/17 Anti Sk8 Parc, Quebec City QC

Hipa getting nailed with the bottle