A.S Dragon Va Chercher La Police

This is one hell of a sexy album. A.S Dragon’s sophomore effort straddles ’60s pop while tonguing at that same era’s garage rock licks. The fact that much of the album is sung in French makes it even more evocative and appealing, as the delicacy of the language creates the perfect compliments and juxtapositions to the arrangements. The bleak backdrop created by mythological Parisian poets and existentialists is ever-present here with song titles like "Morte” (Died), "Cher Tueur” (Dear Killer) and "N’aufrages de L’Ombre” (Shipwrecks of the Shade). When A.S Dragon do make the translation into English lyrics it results in the band’s transition more into an ’80s pop sound with depressive, angular synths creeping into the astounding "Plastic Hooker.” The band traverse into a more contemporary sound with the album’s finale "Tell Me,” but A.S Dragon’s distinct edges and ripples are present all the way through. (Tricatel)