Art Brut Side Project Glam Chops To Release Free Christmas Single

Art Brut Side Project Glam Chops To Release Free Christmas Single
Art Brut front-man/comics columnist Eddie Argos is set to get festive this season by way of a brand new Christmas single, one that he’ll soon be giving away for free courtesy of his Glam Chops project.

Equipped with sleigh bells, bagpipes and even a children’s choir, Argos recently announced his glam-y side-project will give away the double A-side single "Countdown to Christmas”/”Baby Jesus Was the First Glam Rocker” on Glam Chops’ MySpace page. And according to the band, it could have easily been a Christmas No. 1.

However, Argos and co. decided no to go this route and instead are turning this single into a gift rather than capitalizing on the commercial holiday fever. Why? Well, it all has something to do with Glam Chops genre of choice, the band explained via their MySpace blog.

"Glam rock first time around happened during a recession and was all about feeling good and getting away from it all," the post reads. "There's definitely a glam rock revival on the cards and Great Britain needs it more than ever.

"The tracks are so good and we probably would have scored a minor hit with the single, but Glam Chops wanted to react to the current situation of everyone being too broke to afford anything but food and drink, and they begged me to release the single for free.”

The Glam Chops Christmas single will be posted on MySpace from December 1 and throughout the rest of the holidays.

Glam Chops "Are You Ready Eddie?” (live)