Art Bergmann Signs to Porterhouse Records for New Album 'Late Stage Empire Dementia'

He's also reissuing his back catalogue work with Young Canadians and Shmorgs

BY Allie GregoryPublished Nov 4, 2019

Art Bergmann has shared plans for a brand new full-length record, which will arrive via his new label home of Porterhouse Records. The album is called Late Stage Empire Dementia, and it's due mid-2020. And while Bergmann has signed to Porterhouse for his new album, he has launched a GoFundMe campaign in order to fund it.

At the time of reporting, Bergmann has raised nearly $6,000, just over half his goal. The GoFundMe campaign has seen a number of contributors since its launch, but still has $4,000 to go.

The campaign includes a personal appeal from Bergmann himself. It reads as follows:

Hello, fans and acquaintances; Art Bergmann needs your help to record an album of anthemic response to the psychopathic forces that conspire against us to swallow the earth and all of its creatures whole! You thought you were a rebel? Put some or a little money where that hypocritical mouth is. Now we know that the great pigs who reign over us will not stop until every creature on the planet is gone; GONE! Can you imagine the kind of mind that rapes and pillages for what?! Bigger numbers! I am losing my mind over this; but all I know is how to write music.

Head over to the campaign website to donate and to learn more about the upcoming record.

In addition to the GoFundMe campaign, Bergmann has partnered with Porterhouse to reissue his back catalogue, including works from his solo career and his time spent with Young Canadians and Shmorgs. The first recording to see a reissue is the former's 1979 EP Hawaii.

It's currently unclear when the record will return to print, but we do know it will be reissued on limited-edition clear orange vinyl and will include the original lyric sleeve and an outtake from the original jacket artwork — a photo of Bergmann naked on a rocky beach in Vancouver.

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