Arrows Knives Are Falling From the Sky

Rocking out in marital bliss, Ryan Stanley (guitar, vocals) and Jackie Stanley (drums, vocals) demonstrate the awesome capabilities of a two-piece when both members are actually talented (cough, Meg White). Any similarities to the White Stripes are purely aesthetic though, as Arrows’ slightly warped, toweringly passionate rock has roots in the folk and punk leanings of Pavement and Nirvana, even extending towards the dynamic classical progressions of Mew, in places. Ryan’s guitar playing is full-bodied and harmonically inventive, filling the speakers with thunderous power chords or deft picking patterns that capably cover the absent bass space. Jackie is a powerhouse on the kit, choosing her parts supportively while maintaining a stomping intensity to match the vigour of the duo’s poetic, socially reflective lyrical sentiments. Constant harmonies keep the songs sounding full and the raw, self-recorded production seems suitable for this adept opening volley from these indie rock revolutionaries. (Ford Plant)