Arovane_Phonem AER (Valid)

AER (Valid) is an exceptional techno album that's similar to Autechre in style but more tuneful in its rendering. This album combines melodic atmospherics with harsher textured breaks that are no less musical, which offers a yin-yang of the abrasive and soft. There is an intangible harmony to this recording that makes it an impressive listen. Arovane_Phonem is actually a collaboration project between Uwe Zahn (Arovane) and Elliot Perkins (Phonem). "I enjoyed improvising with Elliot, and the work flow; swapping programmed sounds and communicating through the music," elaborates Zahn from his home in Berlin. AER (Valid) was inspired by the infrastructure and lifestyle in Germany and is something of an homage to his hometown. "I get a lot of inspiration from Berlin, and the people living here. A lot of track titles are inspired by graffiti tags. I love the dynamic of the city in the rush hour, the nightlife and the clubs. It is very interesting for me to listen to all the noises in different places of the city; the soundscapes of the big S-Train stations, the rhythmic sounds of escalators and pneumatic or electric doors all influence how I compose music." Tracks like "(Fard)ENT:R" and the title track feel like the breaks serve as the infrastructure of the music, whereas the atmospherics are the innumerable souls moving through the city everyday, expressing themselves in spite of the urban machine. (Vertical Form)