Arkam Asylum Running With Scissors

A fitting album title by these UK cyber-punks — this disc is both puerile and dangerous in the best ways possible. Running with Scissors is the second release by the trio, offering a chaotic display of electric clamour. Formerly known as Arkasai, Arkam Asylum mix catchy techno beats and guitar riffs to consequently create a loose but enjoyable sound. With Running With Scissors, AA also prove they can achieve an eclectic range of songs. "Drinkers Ov Thee Heavy Fluid” seduces through a blend of sultry melody and raw rhythm while "nd4spd” and "Get Some” adversely dare you to defy the dance floor. Even the band’s unoriginal attempt at covering Dead or Alive’s "You Spin Me Round (Like A Record)” is made successful through their injection of gritty cyber fury. Running With Scissors is an album that will grab you by the throat and smack you into a hyperactive frenzy. It’s fast and aggressive but doesn’t take itself too seriously. Recommended for industrial fans looking for an upbeat and fun distraction. (Wasp Factory)