Ark Caliente

French artist Ark, aka Guillaume Berroyer, has ten little fingers and ten little toes in all kinds of electronic musical fruit — the flavours of which he purposefully layers into the minimal pastry shell. House, break beats, and glitch are the main sources of reflection but there are others, such the opener "A.P. Day,” which seems to be influenced by Latin American song structures. While that track should have been left off the album, there are some that are absolute blessings. "Sucubz” kills it; they’ve solved the Rubik’s Cube with this one! The beat is house-funk low to the ground and perfect for jacking. The big boy vocals of Xavier Vindard tell the story of tongue-wagging lust for seeing a chick in a club "I like the way your booty shakes, uh-huh!” "Home Street” uses a brazen and wide melody line and a crack whore sample to such frenzy I think it has rabies. And then Jamie Lidell shows up with his lounge sexy voice on an homage to Star Wars on "R2D2.” Appropriately enough, it sounds like R2-D2 and C-3PO jumped on the mic for the back beats. This is hot, but just like the sun, don’t stare at it for too long or you’ll end up blind. Just enjoy the boogie. (Perlon)