Ariel Pink's Late-'90s Collection 'Thrash and Burn' Reissued

Ariel Pink's Late-'90s Collection 'Thrash and Burn' Reissued
Since Ariel Pink broke into the indie mainstream a couple of years ago, many of the eclectic songwriter's early lo-fi experiments have been reissued. This now includes his late '90s project Thrash and Burn, which was first discovered in 2005 and has now been remastered and reissued by HEM.

Like all of Pink's pre-Before Today works, the album, originally released under Pink's birth name of Ariel Rosenberg, is ultra-lo-fi and steeped in DIY weirdness. The label explains, "This early work takes the form of a musique concrète epic forged from Rosenberg's late-90's faux-primitif, garage-punk, and tape-loop experiment."

The collection spans 36 tracks and is over an hour and a half long. It includes everything from ambient electro sketches ("Cemetery Suite") to scorching noise ("Rita Mae Brown") to messy mashups ("Pleasure Spot 1 [Sweet Jane Rock n Roll]").

This reissue is limited to 250 four-cassette box sets and 500 digital downloads. Order your copy here. It follows the original HEM release, which came out in 2006.

You can listen to the entire 36-track collection over at SoundCloud. We'll leave you with a lengthy, enigmatic statement from Pink about the collection:

As with stored memories one has acquired early in life, Thrash and Burn survives for me less as a finished piece of music in/itself or even a moment captured in time; more a catalog of lifetimes, each piece unique and unnamed, together they recall glimpses of forgotten future-pasts; in cosmology, as one peers ever deeper into the void, first beyond the fixed population density of stars nestled in a "suburb" at the outer edge of our galaxy, into an evermore all encompassing blackness surrounding a thin lane of galaxies, one heads off in one direction, floating along a lonely string of Christmas lights which recede with the distance. Much further downstream, a giant wall of light scaffolding fades into view. That is destiny's orphan multiverse inhabiting a single frame in its infancy. In time, we would transcend it. From where we stand our footsteps recede and fade into the darkness. But our beginnings are not lost; for someone standing off and above our horizon, in a human ear much more young, the secret of our coming of age shall be preserved revealed and discovered yet once again...

Thanks to FACT/Dummy for the tip.

Thrash and Burn:

1. Shoes
2. Foul Play
3. Pleasure Spot 1 (Sweet Jane Rock n Roll)
4. Innagecko
5. I Disguise You
6. Cemetery Suite
7. Starry Eyes
8. Those Were the Days (Now I'm 21)
9. Disco MIA AKA Bust A Move
10. Nothing At All/Different Names
11. Memorial
12. Brother Sister
13. Funeral
14. Leggos
15. Double Jeopardy
16. Red Vinyl
17. Feel It With Your Landlord
18. White Rain in the Windy Summer
19. White Rain in the Windy Summer (Reprise...)
20. On the Beach
21. The Andalusian
22. Half Girls Half Boys
23. Cry Yourself to Sleep (12 Minute Overture)
24. Rita Mae Brown
25. 50 Cents
26. Cuz You're Dead (Lester Bangs)
27. Dawn (Thrash)
28. Pleasure Spot 3 (See You Are)
29. Rainy Den
30. Red Room
31. Pleasure Spot 2 (Lucinda Cunt)
32. Equus
33. You Die Slowly and Then You Die
34. Kamikaze
35. I Won't See You Again
36. Life Song