Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti to Release Before Today in June

Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti to Release <i>Before Today</i> in June
Last fall, we reported that pop eccentric Ariel Pink was on the rise and had signed to celebrated British label 4AD.

Now, Ariel Pink and his band, Haunted Graffiti, have set a date for their first full-length release with the new label. Entitled Before Today, the 12-track collection is due out on June 8 in the usual CD, LP and digital formats. Check out the surreal cover art above.

Based on single "Round and Round," which hit the internet a few weeks ago, Ariel Pink has abandoned his lo-fi roots in favour of a glossier, more full-bodied sound. A press release confirms that the album has "a high-production sheen; a contrast to the corroded bedroom recordings that have formed a fervent cult following over the past decade."

The collection was partly recorded at House of Blues Studios in Encino with Sunny Levine (Scarlett Johansson and Pete Yorn) and Rik Pekkonen (Neil Young, Iggy Pop, Ringo Starr). Some tracking was also done in the band members' home studios.

As for what we can expect stylistically, it is reportedly "a beguiling mix of glam rock, West Coast funk and Merseybeat harmonies." That sounds like a pretty accurate description of "Round and Round," which you can hear now over at 4AD's website. The single will be released on seven-inch on April 26, backed by the track "Mistaken Wedding."

The band have also confirmed a single tour date at New York's Mercury Lounge on May 4. Expect a European tour to follow this summer.

Tour dates:

5/4 New York, NY - Mercury Lounge