Ariel Pink Breaks Up Haunted Graffiti?

Ariel Pink Breaks Up Haunted Graffiti?
Days after announcing his new album Mature Themes, Ariel Pink appears to have fired his band.

Writing on his Facebook page yesterday (June 8), Pink said, "BROKE UP THE BAND TODAY HAUNTED GRAFFITI R.I.P."

UPDATE: According to the band's publicist, the band have not broken up after all.

While it's hard to know exactly what this means, all signs suggest he has fired his backing band. Ironically, he revealed to V Magazine earlier this year that his backing band was a crucial part of Mature Themes, saying, "Now they kind of understand me. It's all very intuitive. There's no demos, nothing to fall back on. It really is a step in the evolution of the band, and it's very exciting for me."

As of press time, Pink's label 4AD still lists his new album as a release from Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti.

Mature Themes will be available on August 21. Album track "Baby" can be streamed below.