Ariel Pink "Jell-o" / "Picture Me Gone" (ft. P.S. 22 Chorus) (live video)

Ariel Pink 'Jell-o' / 'Picture Me Gone' (ft. P.S. 22 Chorus) (live video)
Pop weirdo Ariel Pink drops his first record under the new solo moniker on November 18 (via 4AD) and he seems to be targeting a younger demographic this time around.

He recently visited P.S. 22 in New York and hung out with the choir kids, singing songs and answering their important questions about bread. He also gets real deep and opens up about his dad and the sad reality that photographs are going the way of the dinosaur.

You can watch the youngsters help him out on "Jell-o" and "Picture Me Gone" from the forthcoming pom pom LP in the players below.