Are Podcasts and Audiobooks Coming to Netflix?

The streamer is reportedly now testing a new audio-only feature
Are Podcasts and Audiobooks Coming to Netflix?
Since basically everyone now has a podcast, Netflix looks to be getting in on that exploding market. After all, reports are emerging that Netflix is now testing a new audio-only mode.

Multiple tech sites, such as XDA Developers, are reporting that Netflix has been testing the audio-only feature with a subset of Android users, according to code snippets discovered in the latest version of Netflix's Android app.

The feature simply lets users stream content as only audio as a show or movie play in the background. This has led many to now suspect Netflix is testing this feature as a way to host podcasts and audiobooks through its streaming service.

If you want to that idea a step further, you could even jump to the conclusion that Netflix is playing with the idea of hosting music. But since giants like Spotify and Apple Music already have that extremely competitive marketplace basically covered, we kind of doubt that's the plan.

Netflix has yet to publicly confirm any plans about what this audio-only feature may be about. So it's essentially a guessing game at this point.

But this isn't the first time Netflix has experimented with the idea of hosting more audio-oriented content. Most recently, Netflix streamed what could be considered audiobooks with video in its efforts to spotlight Black creators, with the likes of Tiffany Haddish, Lupita Nyong'o and Jill Scott reading children's books by Black authors.