Architecture in Helsinki / Yacht Richard’s On Richards, Vancouver BC June 14

Thanks to the growing hype of Architecture in Helsinki, their show at Richards on Richard’s was sold out, but few had shown up early enough to witness Yacht’s electrifying performance. Formerly one half of the Blow, Yacht’s Jona Bechtolt was fresh off of a national tour with LCD Soundsystem and the release of his critically acclaimed I Believe In You, Your Magic Is Real full-length. Bechtolt proved that anything could happen with his gymnastic dance moves and endless well of energy. His songs, which combine everything from indie hip-hop to Prince-like funk, were limited to him hitting play, but his unbridled enthusiasm and hilarious chitchat couldn’t have been more exciting if he was fronting Van Halen. At one point, he made reference to Bad Brains’ "PMA,” and everything made sense. Combining the energy of DC’s hardcore legends with futuristic beats and a friendly attitude, Yacht came very close to stealing the show. Fortunately, Architecture in Helsinki were equally excited to play. Having recently lost two members, the Australian six-piece have only gotten louder. Though a muddy sound mix plagued the start of their set, they made up for it with their playful banter and lively performance. The whole set was fast-paced and diverse, drawing equally from the indie anthems of 2005’s In Case We Die and the visceral, floor-stomping bustle of their forthcoming Places Like This album. The sound was eventually made bearable so that classics like "The Cemetery” and "It’5” were done justice, while "Like It Ar Not” erupted in a sing-along despite the fact that no one had heard it before. Other new material, like the infectious "Nothing’s Wrong” and sassy "Hold Music,” had the capacity crowd going berserk. When they ended the evening with their beloved "Heart It Races” single, the build-up from both acts reached its explosive climax, leaving everyone more than satisfied.