Architecture In Helsinki We Died, They Remixed

Yet another group tries to convince fans that they can find an album’s worth of remixes to show another side to the music, but wait, this one’s quite good! We Died, They Remixed collects remixed songs from Architecture in Helsinki’s two albums and it’s a pretty cohesive listen. Only one song is featured twice — their hit single, "Do the Whirlwind” — and the remixers they’ve commissioned all work in the same vein, which is saying something when Dat Politics slips one in that isn’t devastating. In fact, his turn at "Frenchy I’m Faking” adds a nice vehemence to the festivities, pushing the tempo into overdrive. Hot Chip are the biggest name here and they donate a predictable but animated version of "Do the Whirlwind.” Better attempts come from the more club-ready acts like Jeremy Dower, who adds a nice house spin to "Like A Call,” and 33hz, who smothers "It’s 5!” in disco glitter. Though not all of the remixes flatter their songs as well there’s nary a moment where anything feels out of line. Australia’s Architecture in Helsinki have made a wise move with this compilation, proving their jumpy, mood-swinging orch pop can survive the test of the always unpredictable remix. (Moshi Moshi)