Arc/Aidan Baker Repercussion

This is Arc's most accomplished and focused effort to date, which is based on a live performance at the Ambient Ping in Toronto with subsequent studio tweaking and sound layering by Aidan Baker. The tracks on Repercussion open up with dramatic, intense and solitary guitar delay and feedback, accompanied by traditional ethno-hand percussion and accents from a drum kit. The loops and treatments from the guitars act as an atmospheric backdrop for the rhythm section to apply their dense, rich organic patterns. Silhouettes of guitar melodies materialise and evaporate from the ether of these loops and patterns to return again in new forms in a shadow play of sound. One would be hard pressed to come across a band that is more adept at soundtracking the theatre of the mind. This is inspiring music, with ARC's sound artistry honed to their finest point yet. (Pie Head)