Apse Spirit

Though originally released in 2006, the ATP label thought this release was unfairly ignored and is now re-releasing it in hopes of turning new people onto the dark post-rock epics that dominate this album. Well, jeez, they just may be right, as this melodic, vocal-laden disc breathes new life into the usually fetid corpse of quiet/loud post-rock epics. "From the North” does the hammering guitar sway expertly but also layers on some sweet "la, la, las” for extra ghost effects, creating great atmosphere. Other evidence of their mission to push the boundaries is found near the end of "Legions,” as they go for some hard rock screaming, as well as the general tribal drums that permeate every song. Indeed, throughout Spirit, Apse are trying to connect to something primal and basic, and they even hit it on "Ark.” As a whole, they do lose the thread on some songs but when it coalesces, Apse connect to something new and exciting that, yes, deserved to be re-released. (ATP)