Appogee Unconscious Ruckus

Appogee is Jay Skinner, a Los Angeles producer. This album joins itself with Dntel and other producers mixing acoustic instruments and electronic beats and synths. It’s not as heavy on vocals as others in this genre. The beats come at a variety of speeds, ranging from fast tracks like "Y Illuminative” and "Ntheme” to the slow grooves of "Coral” and "Kddr Mov. 3.” Whatever the speed, there are often trance-like melodies underpinning the beats. The guitars are at their hardest on "Creeper,” which doesn’t provide heavy metal growls, but are certainly more overcharged than most dance tracks. The one actual pop song is "I’m Yours,” which blends melody, vocals and glitches quite well. Unconscious Ruckus holds together well as an album — there’s a good flow, a lot of ideas, and they are well executed. (Kanpai)