Apollo Ghosts Cover 35 Vancouver Artists for Charity Album 'Local Delivery Only'

They perform songs by Japandroids, Destroyer, Rose Melberg and more, with all proceeds going to the DTES Response

BY Alex HudsonPublished Apr 23, 2020

Reunited Vancouver jangle-punk crew Apollo Ghosts have always filled their music with local references, and now they've upped the ante by sharing a 35-song covers album entirely made up of songs from Vancouver artists. Local Delivery Only is totally free, and the band will donate $1 from every download to the DTES Response fundraiser.

The tracklist is a who's who of the Vancouver underground, featuring Cub, Woolworm, Nicholas Krgovich, Dead Soft, Jay Arner, Supermoon, Rose Melberg, Lightning Dust and more. There are also a couple of covers of crossover indie stars like Japandroids and Destroyer.

Local Delivery Only was recorded and mixed at home by frontman Adrian Teacher, entirely within the month of April 2020. Bassist Robbie N. plays low end on a couple of tracks and drummer Amanda P. contributes backing vocals to a few tunes, but it's otherwise it's a solo affair.

DTES Response is raising funds to support vulnerable people in Vancouver's Downtown Eastside and combat the spread of COVID-19. The Ghosts will be donating $1 from each free download to the effort, but only for the week of April 23 to 30, so be sure to head over to Bandcamp and download Local Delivery Only now.

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