Apollo Ghosts Call It Quits

BY Alex HudsonPublished Mar 1, 2013

Well, this is one serious bummer. One of Vancouver's best-loved acts are throwing in the towel, as jangle-punk outfit Apollo Ghosts have announced they are breaking up and playing one final show.

On May 10, Apollo Ghosts will perform at Vancouver's Rickshaw Theatre with B-Lines, Watermelon and Diane. In a letter posted on Facebook, frontman Adrian Teacher explained that this will be the group's last-ever show.

"Come celebrate and say goodbye to the band that did the best with what they had — hey everybody, it's the final APOLLO GHOSTS show! Friends from near and far, come gather for one last crazy rock and roll show," he wrote. "I would personally like to to thank all the wonderful people that I've met through this band — it's been an incredible five years of my life."

A banner (see above) on the Facebook page reads "Apollo Ghosts 2008-2013."

Since forming, Apollo Ghosts have released three albums and a smattering of singles and EPs. Their most recent album, Landmark, came out last year through You've Changed Records. Their sophomore LP, Mount Benson, received a long-list nod for the Polaris Music Prize, and their energetic live shows have long been a bright spot in Canada's live music scene.

Listen to Apollo Ghosts' entire discography on Bandcamp.

Sadly, maybe we should have seen this breakup coming. Back in December, when the group released their "Nightwitch" single, they wrote, "LAST SONG THE GHOSTS WILL EVER RECORD, GOODBYE CRUEL WORLD #maya2012 #apocalypse2012."

We figured that this was just an apocalypse-related joke (since it was posted on December 21), but evidently they weren't kidding.

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