Apillow Leaves Winter Alone

As a member of dreamy post-rock trio Below the Sea, Patrick Lacharité built a foundation of experimentation with atmosphere and quiet tensions. On his debut solo release, he takes this knowledge into his Montreal bedroom and emerges with a little jewel of an EP. The first and last of the four pieces are simple piano compositions adorned with, and propelled by, gentle computer rhythms. Opener "Up to the Hill” combines the minimalist beauty of composers like Sylvain Chauveau with the electronic savvy of early Vitaminsforyou. The middle two tracks are more guitar- and string-driven, showing off Lacharité’s skill and patience with layering of sounds. Where some artists move into the electronic landscape and burn their rock bridges behind them, Apillow wisely maintains ties to a strong, parallel path. This Quiet Army’s limited release series also features analogously simple and lovely packaging, here with screen prints by Kit Malo. (This Quiet Army)