Aoki Takamasa and Tujiko Noriko 28

28 is an album of delicate electronic pop with glitches. Takamasa and Noriko’s songs are mostly slow, gentle, and have melodies and multi-layered female vocals from Noriko. It’s difficult to point to differences between these tracks, since they are matters of degree, rather than totally different genres. All of the songs include the elements listed above, plus a lot of reverb and delay, in different patterns. "Fly-Variation” and "Nolicom” are probably the best example of this style. "Vinyl Words” and "When the Night Comes” would be the stronger vocal tracks, with the former having atonal vocals and the latter being a little more hummable. Most of it could be filed with Lali Puna’s quieter moments. So, if you have a taste for more abstract, bleep-y pop, this worth a try. (Fat Cat)