Anthony Stewart Head and George Sarah Music for Elevators

It’s not like I didn’t enjoy Anthony Stewart Head’s singing on the musical Buffy episode, I did. Mr. Giles is way cool. But perhaps giving the guy an entire album is taking it too far, even if he did start out in musical theatre. With Head on lyric duties (aside from one track written by Buffy creator Joss Whedon) and playing everything from a Casio to a sitar, he, at least, should be happy with the results. But for the rest if us — cameos from co-stars Spike, Willow and Tara notwithstanding — Music For Elevators is not even over-the-top enough to qualify as Cap’n Kirk-style kitsch. The pseudo-electronic soundscapes by George Sarah do nothing but make Head’s adult contemporary styling seems even more pretentious, especially when Head covers the Beatles and sings in French. This is one elevator I desperately hope to not get stuck in (though if I did I’d totally ask him for an autograph). (Beautiful Is As Beautiful Does)