Anthony Papa / Various Moments

Moments begins with some sexy British girl repeating "Music is Improper” in the first song by Friendly People. These tracks have a kind of grinding, repetitive style, and I’d be lying if I said it didn’t make me wonder what the messages of the record are, if any. The purpose of this musical creation is a little unclear and the moments being created carry the basic progressive house/trance sounds of yesterday. This is fine but they fall flat if they are simply a repetition of the past. Been there, heard that. Songs with titles like "Roadkill,” "Euphoria,” "Contaminated” and "My Girlfriends Girl” create diverse and unsettling images. Listening to the moments in a place that I am not at all interested in visiting, "Your Face Is A Mess” sounds like a murderer whispering; it’s a depressing track about hell in this world. (High Note)