ANOHNI "4 DEGREES" (prod. by Hudson Mohawke, Oneohtrix Point Never)

ANOHNI '4 DEGREES' (prod. by Hudson Mohawke, Oneohtrix Point Never)
While the details behind ANOHNI's forthcoming HOPELESSNESS LP have yet to drop in full, the Antony and the Johnsons singer promised that it would feature production from Hudson Mohawke and Oneohtrix Point Never. Now, a booming new collaborative single from the three artists has surfaced. "4 DEGREES" is streaming now.

The track finds ANOHNI using a familiar, wobbly vibrato to deliver a cautionary tale on the topic of climate change. "I want to see the world," it's intimated ahead of the tune's surprising call to see animals dying in trees ("I want to burn them"). A press release notes that instead of taking a good Samaritan position, the lyrics touch on the nature of being a consumer "in a fossil fuel-based economy." 

"I have grown tired of grieving for humanity, and I also thought I was not being entirely honest by pretending that I am not a part of the problem," the artist said in a statement. "'4 DEGREES' is kind of a brutal attempt to hold myself accountable, not just valorize my intentions, but also reflect on the true impact of my behaviors."

As far as the production goes, there are plenty of brass breaks, soul-enveloping surges of synth, tearful orchestra strings, and thunderous rumbles of percussion. You can hear the piece down below.

"4 Degrees" is up for sale as a digital single via Secretly Canadian. A due date for HOPELESSNESS is forthcoming.