Anodyne Quite Wars

With hordes of the scene opting for sterilised thrash rehashes and antiseptic death slowed to breakdown proportions, it was only a matter of time before people grew tired of supposedly brutal music you could clean wounds with. Rediscovering the glory and abrasive heaviness of old AmRep style noise rock, coupled with an ear for more modern hardcore/metal discordant noise, Anodyne pummel and plow with a fury reserved for the legends (Unsane, first-tier Deadguy, classic Am-Rep noise). Spastic beats coincide with disjointed rhythms, oppressively heavy noise and an ever-shifting pattern of riffs and tempos. Songs such as "Silent Wars" and "The Great Assimilator" promise nothing save malevolence in a live setting while "Coriolis Acceleration" is a funeral dirge for the tortured soul, switching back and forth between lament and anguish. Anodyne have made a truly snarling beast of an album with Quiet Wars, which comes across as a reminder of a more brutal and creative time in extreme music. (Escape Artist)