Animal Collective to Debut Their Long-Awaited Film at Sundance, Give It the Name ODDSAC

Animal Collective to Debut Their Long-Awaited Film at Sundance, Give It the Name <i>ODDSAC</i>
After over year's worth of talk, Animal Collective's much-anticipated "visual record"/movie with collaborator Danny Perez is finally getting its premiere, and it has a title. Dubbed ODDSAC (yep, all-caps apparently), the movie will debut at next year's Sundance Film Festival, which goes from January 21-31 in Utah.

Here's how Sundance describes the film: "An earthy, psychedelic experimental narrative infused with the band, Animal Collective's aural and musical sensibilities."

Okay, it's a bit vague, but when AC's Dave Portner (aka Avey Tare) spoke to Exclaim! about the film earlier this year, he shed a bit more light on the project.

"It's more of a visual record, or a visual film," Portner said. "We were asked to do a tour documentary maybe two years ago by this company Plexifilm, but it wasn't something that interested us so much, and we're not really into people following us around with cameras and stuff like that. So we proposed to them that we'd do a weirder, sort of psychedelic film, kind of like Space Is the Place or more along those lines."

Portner also said to expect the film to contain a pile of new Animal Collective songs. "We've also been working on the music for it for about a year now and it's meant to all link together," Portner told us in January. "It's been a long time coming because we want it to feel like one, big cohesive thing, not just a long music video or some narrative film with just us doing the soundtrack to it.... There are more song-y moments and more ambient-textures moments, but all kind of tied together."

There's no word yet on when or if ODDSAC might be getting wide theatrical release, but Portner said a DVD would most likely follow the premiere.