Angie Heaton Let it Ride

This is the third album from Illinois singer-songwriter Angie Heaton, a former drummer for Corndolly and Liquorette who sings with the lilt and tenderness of the Cranberries’ Dolores O’Riordan. One thing Heaton doesn’t do is allow herself to be labelled though. Her voice also borrows a little of the swagger of Tori Amos and the passion of Lucinda Williams, but that said, her voice and songs brim with originality — invoking each phrase with her own soul. The songs are very personal, dealing with love that is lost and love that is found. While the subject matter feels clichéd upon a first reading, a further analysis shows that the compositions are anything but tired reworkings. Eleven original songs marked by catchy choruses, such as the one from "Drive,” reel the listener in to the vignettes of love that Heaton paints. By mixing a little rock, a little pop and a whole lot of talent, Let it Ride showcases a songwriter continuing to mature who is letting her music ride in the right direction. (Parasol)