Angelmark Angelmark

Angelmark is the solo project of Michael Turner who is also half of the group Titania. On this self-titled release the use of six- and 12-stringed guitars is very prominent. What we experience is an electronic album full of guitar sounds, both of acoustically strummed ones and of melodic, electric guitars, mixed together very evocatively. Slight synth washes float in the background with occasional piano touches, giving one a feeling of lying in bed throughout the day, with a loved one in your arms. Very lush and warm, cozy songs, all having the same tone, but with a light and sheltering, gooey atmosphere. And a unique aspect of the guitar murmurs of Angelmark is that while the electric have an ambient, looping drive to them, the acoustic often sound like a form of medieval plucked string music. This is truly an ambient recording but what sets it apart are the many recognisable guitar sounds within, which actually turn out to be the base structure of the entire CD. (Resplendent)