Andy Stochansky

Radio Fuse Box

BY James KeastPublished Oct 1, 1999

Andy Stochansky, best known for his stint as a drummer for folk faerie Ani Difranco, checks in with a remarkable follow-up to his 1995 debut that has been too long in coming. Surprisingly for a record by such a remarkable percussionist, there is very little in the way of traditional drumming to be found emanating from Stochansky’s Radio Fuse Box; instead, each element of the album is suffused with its own distinct rhythm, whether it’s the tabla on “Insect” or the thumb piano on “Poem For A Small Boy On An Amtrack Train.” Although on the surface, there’s a consistent feel to the record — mostly because of Stochansky’s melancholy vocal presence — its layers are deep, whether its violinist Oliver Schroer and cellist Don Kerr, turntable scratches from DJ Start, or the string and saxophone quartets and children’s choirs. In its rich production, songwriting touches and vocals, this most recalls Daniel Lanois’s under-appreciated solo work. Lanois has let other work prevent him from following up his two brilliant solo records; let’s hope Stochansky doesn’t go the same route.
(Population 60)

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